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Memphis is a gorgeous city located on the Mississippi River. Nestled in southwest Tennessee, Memphis invites visitors from all over the nation to bask in the reverence of soul, rock 'n'roll, great food, and burgeoning business enterprises. As a fast-growing city with a lot to offer, it can be hard to find an affordable place to live, especially for renters looking for extended-stay rooms.

Lux Co-Living is based out of Memphis and proud to offer luxury rooms for rent at unbeatable rates through its co-living community. Lux Co-Living promises an array of winning services for each renter that decides to book a stay. Let's explore the process together!

Book Room Online Today: Luxury Rooms for Rent in Memphis

There are few things in life more exciting than moving into a new home. Whether we are moving to Memphis to pursue a career or to live in the city temporarily, book a room online through Lux Co-Living to enjoy a process that is as simple and smooth as it is convenient and affordable.

To book luxury rooms for rent through Lux Co-Living, follow the simple steps below!

  1. Fill Out a Rental Form — Online rental forms are available through the Lux Co-Living website. These forms will allow for the proper processing of your application, including background and income verification checks.

  2. Choose Your Amenities — Each Lux Co-Living building is fully furnished with a private furnished bedroom for the guest. Each property comes with free high-speed wireless internet as well as access to free on-site laundry, weekly cleaning, and basic home supplies. Different rooms are available for couples as well as individuals traveling with children.

  3. Pick Your Room — Head to the Lux Co-Living booking page to take a look at the currently available rooms. Availability will change, so be sure to get in early to lock in your space.

Are you ready for a higher standard of living? Enjoy luxury rooms for rent at Lux Co-Living!